Retirement Solutions


The TIPs Asset Allocator

Dynamic Asset Allocation is the foundation for prudent investment management decisions.  We make investment decisions based on economic, fundamental and quantitative factors utilizing our proprietary software system, Trend Identification Parameters (TIPs), designed to reveal trends in the marketplace.

Once strategic and tactical asset allocation is determined, we design the optimal portfolio using  mutual funds, exchange traded funds, separate accounts etc., to implement the overall strategy.

The Tips Asset Allocator is a separate investment option specifically designed for defined contribution plans, such as 401k’s, Keoghs, and Profit Sharing plans.  It provides professional management to those participants who have difficulty investing their retirement savings in individual mutual funds.  The Asset Allocation consists of dynamically invested portfolios of mutual funds based on expected returns of asset classes and various levels of risk.  

The option need not replace the existing individual mutual fund choices currently offered to the plan participants, but is intended as an overlay to those existing mutual funds. 

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